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Late Cherry Blossom Viewing: Meguro Edition

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We came to Meguro River the day after visiting Chidorigafuchi in Chiyoda. It was a Monday so the streets were so quiet and peaceful - this was one of my absolute favourite days in Japan.


We arrived at Naka-Meguro Station and grabbed some Starbucks from the shop just across the road. The look and feel of the shops lining the streets is very different to cities such a Shibuya. Everything seems a bit more easy-going and spaced out. Don't get me wrong, I love the Shibuya vibe - Meguro is just different, and it's great.


We made our way towards the river (you can view my walking guide here) and along the way, there were cute little old-style Japanese shops on every side. The first couple of sections of the river aren't the main attraction, so enjoy the shops before you get to the next part.

We walked all the along the two sides of the river and words cannot describe the beauty we saw, but I'll try anyway. We didn't expect the cherry blossom trees to be in full bloom during this time of year and we were right. However, the trees still plenty of sakura petals streaming from them and the footpaths were completely lined with them. It truly was magical. They also had plenty of buds left on the branches which still provided a beautiful colour. But, to make up for the lack of cherry blossoms,

different trees (not sure what they are called, leave a comment at the bottom if you can ID them for me) lined the sides of the river which were rich with massive pink flowers that lit up incredibly. Another thing about this river? The water. It is so BLUE. I have no idea how they got the water to look the way it does, but it gives off this light blue glow and is just captivating. Still, like I tried to say before, words are not enough - I will let the photos do the talking (still not enough!).

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