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Maintaining the Blonde

Ever since I stopped colouring my hair insane colours and I took all my hair extensions out, I've been hell bent on keeping my mane in good nick. But, in addition to that, I want to keep my new(ish) blonde hair from getting brassy. I used to use De Lorenzo's purple shampoo but the effect wasn't as strong as I would have liked. Also, because of my Asian descent, when I try to go blonde, it defaults to an orange-y hue which isn't desirable, personally. There are a lot of products out there, but you need to know where to look. Sometimes just going into a store in Sydney is not enough as they don't usually stock the good stuff. I would recommend shopping at AMR Hair and Beauty as they have so many different brands and have been a leading supplier to Australian salons for over a decade.

A couple of weeks ago, I started using Fanola's No Yellow Shampoo. I left the product in my hair for about five minutes and the results were fantastic! Of course it didn't tone all of my blonde - most of my hair is pretty stubborn and even salon grade toner won't get this brassiness out. But my hair was considerably more of a cooler blonde than before. Hands down, I would pick this product over any other purple shampoo - I'd love to see what the effect would be if I followed it up with the conditioner. A word of caution: everyone's hair is different and reacts differently to products. Your hair could work really well with purple shampoo/conditioner and therefore wouldn't need to be left in for as long. Do a test on a small section of your hair that no one will see before you use it on your whole head.

The week after, I followed up the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo with AMR's own brand, 18 in 1 Blonde Violet Treatment Mask. First, you towel dry your hair after shampooing and then massage the mask into your hair. I left it in for about five minutes since I wasn't too sure what the result would be if I doubled down on the purple products in one hit. They recommend you leave it in for about one to ten minutes. I really liked the result of combining these two products together - it took it one step further than just using the shampoo and my hair looked like I had just come out from the salon. Next time, I'll try to leave the mask in for ten minutes.

Last, but definitely not least, heat protection. We all know that blow dryers, straighteners and curlers are bad for your hair. Even worse when you go blonde since your hair has already been stripped away so it is even more prone to getting dry. But also, as we are coming into summer, UV rays can do damage too. 18 in 1 have a Smoothing Cream and Thermal Spray that I've used and they both contain Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol and Vitamin E. They legit also have 18 benefits listed on their website (read them out here). Both products are targeted to help protect your hair from heat and anyone who has continually styled their hair on the reg would recommend you start investing in these.