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Street Style with Glue Store

I still remember, back when I was in high school, Thursday nights would be spent at the local shopping centre were the coolest new store was Glue Store. Here you could find a huge variety of all the latest hot trends - we would always visit every week even if we didn't have the pocket money to spend, it was just fun to be around such cutting edge clothing. Today, this all still rings true. Glue Store definitely keeps their stock fresh and it's perfect for finding that perfect street style look with all the brands you could choose from - Adidas, Assembly Label, Finders Keepers, Nobody Denim, One Teaspoon, just to name a few.


Recently, I got to enjoy a little shopping spree there and boy, I could not be happier with my picks.

Assembly Label

Collate T-Shirt in White


I am most definitely a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal. Somehow, over the past two years, my t-shirt collection has grown so much that they take up just over two full drawers of my wardrobe. Did I mention these are just for my graphic tee collection? But honestly, a perfect tee makes almost any outfit and this one from Assembly Label is just that. The material is so soft and light, it drapes over the body beautifully and comfortably. The solid black letters provide a classic and minimalist feel, making it easy to pair with pretty much anything. I could definitely see worn over a slip dress, tied at the front to cinch in the waist.


Drew Mid-Rise Skinny Cropped Jeans in Dolly Destruct Blue Denim


I have been on such a long hunt for a pair of blue high waisted mum jeans and thankfully, I have finally found them. These jeans from Wrangler are perfect for me as they sit well on the waist and, unlike other high waisted jeans, the pockets are placed in a spot that doesn't make it look like they cover only the upper half of my butt. The denim has a bit of a stretch to it as well so you can move around in them with ease.


Womens Tubular Viral 2 Sneakers in Icey Pink


Like my t-shirts, my sneaker collection has grown incredibly as well - I am a creature of comfort. So when I saw these shoes, I knew I had to have them. I usually for white and try to change it up a little by getting pairs that have different textures or have a small detail that makes them unique. This time, I chose to change it up a little and got the Tubulars in Icey Pink. It gives the outfit a subtle pop of colour and style provides the edge on a fairly basic look. Not to mention, these shoes are bloody comfortable AF. Good decision? I think so.





Assembly Label Collate T-Shirt in White


Wrangler Drew Mid-Rise Skinny Cropped Jeans in Dolly Destruct Blue Denim


Adidas Womens Tubular Viral 2 Sneakers in Icey Pink



Or go check out everything else they have on their website!