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The thing about Sydney winter is that, in the morning, it is hellishly cold. With that in mind, you want to opt for many layers and a huge, warm coat. However, come 5 o'clock, when it's time to knock off work and walk to the station to catch your train home, it's just not cold enough to put all your layers back on. So, you're left carrying this heavy long coat on your arm and stuff all now-unnecessary layers into your bag (or actually wearing it and overheating because you can't be bothered carrying it). Then, you arrive at the station (hands up who knows Town Hall station in Sydney? AKA: the pits of hell) where the cold air is no more and you're just stuck sweating balls until the train arrives with the heaters on full blast for you to sweat some more.

This was my Monday to Friday routine until I finally had enough. I said a temporary goodbye to my heavy coats and decided to find a lighter alternative. Enter, anoraks and puffer jackets. The right anorak will protect you from the wind which is what makes me cold the most. Under the anorak, I'll wear my cashmere-blend knit on top of my thermal singlet and whatever bottoms. This works a charm as it keeps all the heat inside when it's super cold. Most coats I own let too much cold air in through the sleeves if they're ones that leave enough room for a blazer underneath and if it's too tight, I feel like an overstuffed chicken. Anoraks generally have looser fitting sleeves with buttons at the cuff close the gap so you can almost wear all the layers you like and still feel pretty comfortable.

This one I'm wearing here is from Minkpink and it's super lightweight and the colour is one of my current favourites. It's on sale at the moment - click here to view.


I also love Uniqlo's Ultra Light Down Jacket. They are so versatile and suit everyone at every age depending on how you style it. The thing that really sold me was the fact that you can easily roll it up, due to it being so light and thin, and stuff it into to your bag with little to no impact. But, don't it fool you, the weight does not impact warmth whatsoever and it's been helping me through each 7 degree morning.


Shop below with some of my top picks!

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